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Bangladesh minister’s car attacked by bomb explosion, 2 policemen injured

2 weeks ago

Two policemen were injured as a crude bomb exploded next to a Bangladeshi minister's car on a capital Dhaka street on Saturday night, a local police official said Sunday morning. The explosion left two policemen injured. Police were not sure who was behind the blast, a Dhaka Metropolitan Politan (DMP) official said. U.S.-based monitoring site, SITE Intelligence said in a Twitter post Sunday "IS (Islamic State) claims credit for bomb blast on police in Bangladesh capital." Six policemen were escorting Local Government, Rural Development Minister Tazul Islam while he was on way to a program of Bangladesh border force -- Border Guard Bangladesh(BGB, formerly known as BDR ) when the bomb explosion happened, the DMP official said. Quoting eyewitnesses, he said the bomb was thrown most likely..


2 weeks ago

At least 50 rebels, mainly commanders, were killed on Saturday by U.S.-led airstrikes that targeted a meeting of rebel commanders in Syria's northwestern province of Idlib, a war monitor reported. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the meeting grouped commanders of the Hurras al-Deen and Ansar al-Tawhid groups, both allied with the al-Qaida. It said the death toll exceeds 50, noting that more bodies are being discovered. The Britain-based watchdog group said the U.S.-led coalition targeted the meeting with at least seven highly explosive missiles. The U.S. Central Command confirmed that it had attacked leaders of al-Qaida in Idlib province, noting that the operation had targeted those "responsible for attacks threatening U.S. citizens, our partners, and innocent civilians." The..

US, Taliban on ‘threshold’ of deal: US Afghan envoy

2 weeks ago

US and Taliban negotiators are "at the threshold of an agreement" to end 18 years of conflict between them, Washington's top negotiator said Sunday as he concluded their latest talks. The foes have been meeting in Doha to finalise a deal under which the Taliban would give security guarantees in return for sharp reductions to the 13,000-strong US force in Afghanistan. "We are at the threshold of an agreement that will reduce violence and open the door for Afghans to sit together to negotiate an honourable and sustainable peace," tweeted Washington's special envoy to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad. Khalilzad added that he would travel to Kabul later Sunday "for consultations" following the end of the eighth and final day of the latest round of talks.The US negotiator did not say if he had a..


2 weeks ago

Washington moved ahead Sunday with new tariffs on Chinese imports as it stepped up a high-pressure campaign aimed at coercing Beijing to sign a new trade deal even amid fears of a further slowing of US and world growth. The additional 15 percent tariffs, affecting a portion of the $300 billion in goods from the Asian giant that so far has been spared, took effect at 04H01 GMT, according to the US Trade Representative's office. President Donald Trump on Friday ruled out any further postponement. "They're on," he told reporters. The new tariffs will target a range of products, from foodstuffs (ketchup, butchered meat, pork sausage, fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese) to sports equipment (golf clubs, surf boards, bicycles), to musical instruments, sportswear and furniture, according to an..


2 weeks ago

Five people were killed and at least 21 people injured in an active shooting on Saturday afternoon in the Midland-Odessa area in the U.S. state of Texas, local police said on Saturday. According to Odessa Police Department, one shooter -- a white male in his mid-30s -- was among the dead and "the threat has been contained." The police did not name the shooter or mention his motive. The shooting started on Saturday afternoon in Midland when a Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) trooper attempted to stop a Honda. When the trooper pulled over the car, "he was shot by the occupant of the car," Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke told a press conference. The vehicle continued westbound into the city of Odessa, and the driver shot random individuals.The suspect then ditched the vehicle he..


2 weeks ago

A journalist was shot dead in northwest Honduras Saturday, the 79th killed since 2001 in the Central American country, according to a human rights group. Edgar Joel Aguilar, a correspondent for HCH TV was shot dead in the city of Copan around 200 kilometers northwest of the capital Tegucigalpa, the Honduras National Commissioner for Human Rights said in a statement. Local media reported that Aguilar had received death threats from unknown sources. "Each time a journalist is killed is an assault on the right to life and the right to freedom of expression," Commissioner Roberto Herrera Caceres said. According to the statement, 91 percent of crimes against journalists and media workers in Honduras remain unpunished.Honduras, along with Mexico is considered one of the most dangerous countries..

राजदूतद्वयद्वारा शपथ

2 weeks ago

: राष्ट्रपति विद्यादेवी भण्डारीसमक्ष बङ्गलादेश र कतारका लागि नवनियुक्त नेपालका आवासीय राजदूतद्वय क्रमशः वंशीधर मिश्र र नारदनाथ भारद्वाजले राष्ट्रपतिको कार्यालय शीतल निवासमा आज आयोजित विशेष समारोहमा पद तथा गोपनीयताको शपथ लिनुभयो । त्यस अवसरमा परराष्ट्रमन्त्री प्रदीपकुमार ज्ञवालीलगायत नेपाल..

आलेख : उत्खनन् भएन दाङको पेट्रोल खानी

2 weeks ago

– दीपक बोहरा तुलसीपुर, १५ भदौ (रासस) : विज्ञहरुको एक टोलीले अनुगमन गरेर २०२८ सालमै दाङको तुलसीपुर उपमहानगरपालिका वडा नं १३ मा पेट्रोल खानी रहेको दाबी गरेको थियो । केही समयअघि मात्रै देउखुरीको राप्ती नदी बगरमा पेट्रोलियम पदार्थ रहेको पत्ता लाग्यो । खोजी गरिए दाङका अन्य ठाउँहरुमा पनि पेट्रोल खानी..

भ्रमण वर्ष सफल पार्न पदयात्रा

2 weeks ago

‘पर्यटन पूर्वाधारको विकास गरौँ, नेपाल भ्रमण वर्ष २०२० सफल पारौँ’ भन्ने मूल नाराका साथ बागलुङमा एकदिने बृहत् पदयात्रा गरिएको छ । बागलुङ जिल्लाको पर्यटन प्रवद्र्धन गरी नेपाल सरकारले अघि सारेको भ्रमण वर्ष २०२० सफल पार्नका लागि बृहत् पदयात्रा गरिएको हो । पर्यटकीय गन्तव्यहरुको पहिचान तथा प्रवद्र्धनका..

पशुपतिमा तीजको तयारी पूरा

2 weeks ago

यस वर्षको हरितालिका तीजका अवसरमा पशुपतिनाथको दर्शन गर्न आउने भक्तजनका लागि पशुपति क्षेत्रमा सबै तयारी पूरा भएको पशुपति क्षेत्र विकास कोषले जनाएको छ । कोषले आज यहाँ आयोजना गरेको पत्रकार सम्मेलनमा मन्दिर प्रवेश गर्ने भक्तजनका लागि चार वटा दर्शन मार्गको व्यवस्था गरिएको जानकारी दिइयो । पहिलो लाम..

युवा तथा खेलकूदमन्त्री जगतबहादुर विश्वकर्माले जिल्ला खेलकूद विकास समितिहरुमा लामो समय पदाधिकारी रिक्त रहने.....

प्रदेश नं १ का शिक्षा तथा सामाजिक विकासमन्त्री जीवन घिमिरेले अबका विद्यार्थीलाई पार्टीको झण्डा बोकाउन नहुने.....

नेपाली काङ्ग्रेसका सभापति शेरबहादुर देउवाले एकताले मात्र सफलता हसिल गर्न सकिने भएकाले एकताबद्ध पार्टी.....

वेलिङ्टन, न्यूजील्याण्ड (रासस-एपी) – प्रशान्त महासागरीय मुलुक सोलोमन द्वीपले ताइवानसँगको कुटनीतिक सम्बन्ध.....

शेन्जेन, ३१ भदौ (रासस-एपी) – अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपति डोनाल्ड ट्रम्पले चिनियाँ प्रविधि कम्पनी हुवावेलाई अमेरिकी.....

सियोल, ३१ भदौ (रासस-एएफपी) : दक्षिण कोरियामा पहिलो पटक स्वाइन फ्लू भेटिएको छ । मंगलबार यहाँका स्वास्थ्य.....

सुदर्शन बजगाई  - काठमाडौं जिल्ला गोकर्णेश्वर नगरपालिका वडा नं.८ आत्तरखेलमा निम्न मध्यम वर्गीय परिवारमा मिति.....

सुदर्शन बजगाई  - काठमाडौं जिल्ला कागेश्वरी मनोहरा नगरपालिका वडा नं.२ आकासी बगरमा मध्यम वर्गीय किसान परिवारमा.....

सुदर्शन बजगाई - सरकारले बैशाख ३१ गतेको लागि तय गरेको स्थानीय निकयको चुनाबले देशको राजनीति मात्र होइन हरेक टोल.....

२०४६ सालबाट नेविसंघबाट राजनीति सुरु गरेका दिपक रिसाल गोकर्णेश्वर नगरपालिकाको लागि मेयरको चर्चामा छन् । चतुर.....

समाजसेवी कोमल लामिछानेले जनताको अनुरोध अनुसार आफु पनी मेयरको दावेदार बन्ने तरखरमा रहेको गोकर्णेश्वर अनलाइनलाई.....

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